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Boost patient communication and engagement with automated templates and software for recalls, promotions, reactivations, welcomes, and follow-ups

Plus a guaranteed SEO Package to get your practice showing up strongly in Google!

What is the D4W Mega-Marketing System?

It’s our monthly subscription that includes…

Patient Communication Made Easy

Access to hundreds of ready-made customisable marketing materials including emails, letters, post cards and more, that can be sent out to your patients manually or automatically.

These materials are professionally designed to boost your recalls, promote your special offers and create consistent communication with your patients.

Guaranteed SEO Service

Get your website to page 1 of Google, guaranteed. Our award-winning marketing partner Angus Pryor, Australia’s #1 ranked dental marketer and founder of Dental Marketing Solutions, guarantees to get your dental practice to page 1 of Google or he’ll work for free until it does!

Guaranteed SEO Rankings

See your website visitors grow by 20% as we target 10 search terms (known as ‘keywords’) including those that are most important and have the highest traffic

You’ll be on page one for 80% of your keywords within 12 months including keywords on the map

Achieve all the other elements in 12 months or we work for free …

Delivered by Angus Pryor, who is Australia’s #1 Google-ranked dental marketing specialist who walks the walk when it comes to getting websites to the top of the search results!

What’s included?

Choose from a variety of templates to stay in touch with your patients and bring them back to your chair including:

Each template can be linked to your D4W marketing portal, allowing you to automatically send high quality communication to your patients without designers, copywriters or agency fees.

You can also manually send campaigns and build free-text templates for one-off communication within the D4W marketing portal.

Campaigns can be customised to include special promotions your practice is running.

The range of customisable campaigns include:

The monthly SEO package includes:

3 reasons to invest in the D4W Mega-Marketing Systems


You have up to $500,000 worth of patient bookings you don’t ever collect or even know about!

If your practice has a database of lapsed patients, you’re sitting on a goldmine. 

In fact, research shows the average dental practice has $500,000 to $1 million in unscheduled treatment plans.

With the D4W Mega-Marketing System, you could begin reactivating these lost patients today and enjoying instant cashflow tomorrow.


You want to stop losing patients.

Did you know that most businesses lose 20-40% of their customers every year?

Without effective or consistent recall and reactivation, how much money are you losing?

And how much are you spending on advertising to constantly acquire new patients to make up for it?


It’s 7x more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one.

There’s a 5-20% probability of selling to new prospects. However, there’s a 20-40% probability of selling to lapsed clients.

Which means you’ll be able to book more treatments from the moment you start sending these communications to existing and past clients.

How do the templates work?

Choose from our extensive range of professionally designed D4W Marketing templates and link them to your Dental4Windows software to automatically send to specific patients at key times.

All your patient information is already in D4W, so all you have to do is choose your templates, the communication frequency and which patients you would like to send to.

Create your own campaigns

Looking for something different? Quickly and easily customise your templates and send one-off campaigns manually inside your D4W Marketing portal. 

Your custom campaigns can also include special promotions including whitening, mouthguard, orthodontic and cosmetic consults, with more added regularly.

How does the SEO component work?

Watch your website visitors grow by 20% as the team from Dental Marketing Solutions help you appear under 10 local search keywords that your ideal prospects are typing into Google right now.


Instant enrolment in our 30-day quick-start Practice Boost Program – simple steps to get your practice growing quickly.


You’ll be on page one for 80% of your target keywords within 12 months, including keywords on the map.


You’ll get a minimum 20% boost in traffic to your website within 12 months

If not, Dental Marketing Solutions will work for free until you do!

And if you want a bigger boost than 20%, we can discuss that too.

“The whole SEO space is pretty confusing and it’s hard to know who to believe.  It’s been really nice dealing with someone who delivers what they say. “

Dr Paul Rollason

Absolute Dental Care

“Take a look at the actual templates and things that they have because they are really fantastic…”

James Moss

Katoomba Dental Care, NSW

“I couldn’t be happier. Really, I’m booked up. I don’t have a quiet day really…”

Dr Martin Poon

MP Orthodontics, VIC

“The SEO results have been steady and growing…”

Amitha Pather

Bespoke Dental Studio, NSW

“I think definitely Angus has a great organisation. I think you will get value for money, and I encourage you to just get in contact with Angus and talk to him about what can be offered.”

Dr Claire Wilson

Alphington Dental Care, VIC

“My experience with Angus and the team have been really excellent. They’ve helped my business grow, given me ideas that I haven’t thought about before and basically really got my business going.”

Dr Brian Chen,

Jannali Dental Care, NSW

“Angus has been a real help to me in setting up my new business. Their online marketing is bringing in a steady flow of new patients.”

Dr Pushpender Malik

Windsor Gardens Dental, SA

What if you could get 25% of your existing patients to make one additional visit your practice in 2024

That could easily add up to thousands of additional revenue per month. 

And it’s something you can put in place today with the professionally designed dental communication templates in D4W Marketing and Dental4Windows’ powerful automation tool.

Now you can send out letters, emails and postcards faster, easier and more affordably than ever.

No more makeshift marketing.

Whether you’re relying on generic postcards with appointment reminders or your hygienist is trying to “squeeze in” phone calls whenever she can, the D4W Mega-Marketing System makes it faster and easier to communicate with patients and boost your practice profits today.

And with our guaranteed monthly SEO package, you’ll never have to worry about expensive advertising, as you’ll have a steady stream of highly motivated leads visiting your website week in, week out.

Can you afford to wait?

Statistics show that for every month of recall lag, dentists see a 13% drop in patient recall revenue.

For most dentists, that could mean hundreds of patients disappearing through the cracks each year.

Order the D4W Mega-Marketing System today and take your practice to the next level…

New Year bonuses (be quick)!

New Year special!
Get the first month free. Use the code 'NEW' at check out to secure this offer. Hurry! Offer expires 30/6/24.

PLUS: Buy now to claim $2,513 in special bonuses! Expires midnight 30/6/24

Bonus #1:

Social Media Marketing Pack
($1050 R.R.P)

With 10 social media templates, customisable captions, hashtags and a stock image library, attract another 5 new patients to your practice.

Just plug and play!

Bonus #2:

1000 text messages from D4W ($275 R.R.P)

The stats are clear.  95% of people will check a text message within 3 mins compared to around 17% on email.  Contact your patients quickly and easily by SMS and get your message through.

Bonus #3:

12 months access to the DMS Marketing Vault
($1188 R.R.P)

Comprising 200+ training videos, short courses, how-to guides and much more!

Ready to get started?

Save thousands on sales and marketing in 2024.

In the past, it would cost dentists thousands to create and send just one of these campaigns or manage their SEO…

With the D4W Mega-Marketing System, your investment is just $499 (+GST) per month, which includes the D4W Marketing module with a growing library of ready-made, high-quality marketing templates, access to your own online personalised marketing portal, integration with Dental4Windows automation, your own marketing Campaign Manager to help plan out your annual patient communication, plus monthly SEO that’s guaranteed to get your dental practice to the first page of Google in 90 days.

Ready to reach more patients and keep them coming back?

Call us today for more details or buy now to secure your D4W Marketing module and guaranteed SEO package!

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